Saturday, September 11, 2010

Prayer Update From the Juba Prayer Team September 11, 2010

Dear All,

Usually missions are riddled with difficulties, understandably we are storming the enemys territory. Although weve had significant challenges during this mission, we are just blown away by how much the Lord has been providing and answering prayers beyond what we can ask or imagine.

Today the Government of Southern Sudan covered the US$30,000 needed to pay for the Opening and Closing Rally venue!! Not only that, they will also supply the 500 bottles of water, 500 sodas and 7 tents to provide shelter for the audience. The Vice President himself will be the Guest of Honour. The President would have come if he had not been travelling to the USA. WOW!! We are so excited and thankful to the Lord for His amazing provision!

Also today the rest of the team arrived safely and we have enjoyed a time of orientation and settling in (as well as Ethiopian New Years celebrations!)

During the introductions with the Steering Committee, Stephen explained that just as 4 people were needed to carry the cripple to Jesus, so we all are needed to play different roles in bringing the city of Juba to Jesus for healing.

We want to thank you all so much for being a stretcher bearer with us and the local church in Juba without your prayers, support and encouragement, we would never had made it this far. Please pray that, just as the cripple received forgiveness of sin, and then was healed, Juba will be cleansed by our Redeemer, and will walk forward into its future strongly in the Lord.

Please continue to pray for:

  • The team as they scatter into churches throughout the city tomorrow morning, to preach and raise awareness for the mission
  • Mission Africa guest Keith Cook was one of those who arrived safely please pray that he recovers quickly from jetlag, and that the Lord prepares him to speak at the Opening Rally.
  • Stephen who will be sharing his testimony
  • Foxfires who will be dancing and the local officiants, choirs and singers
  • The finalization of the mission preparations, particularly our logistics co-ordinator who has done a fantastic job, and has an enormous challenge on his hands as he organizes practical necessities for over 160 meetings around the city!

God bless, and love from all of us here in Juba,

Juba Prayer Team

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