Friday, September 10, 2010

Update from the Juba Prayer Team September 10!

Thank you so much for your prayers!
Today we welcomed the majority of our visiting evangelists from
South Africa, Kenya, DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Malawi, and there was great excitement as they settled in. The national television station covered their arrival, and interviewed Stephen, Grace and a Foxfire about the ministry. The Foxfires with usual enthusiasm and spark also spontaneously performed a song and dance which will be screened tonight on “South Sudan Television”.
  • Radio announcements are being aired 4 times a day publicizing the mission, and posters are hanging around the streets. The head of the evangelism committee spent much of yesterday answering phone calls from people curious about the upcoming events, or confirming that there was great need for the gospel in their area.
  • Praise God for the safe arrival of many of our evangelists today. Please pray for the safe arrival of the others tomorrow·
  • Please pray for the final preparations of the various meetings around the city, particularly the Opening Rally on 12 September.
  • Praise God that we have received positive indications that the President will subsidize some of the cost for the Opening ceremony or leadership lunch.
  • Praise God for open doors – please pray for the radio talk show tonight, at which a group of our evangelists and foxfires will share their testimonies and publicize the mission. Pray for those listening, and those who “call in”.
  • The Leadership Luncheon for politicians – we are waiting now for RSVPs and pray that many will be drawn to come along. Pray for the speaker at this event who needs great wisdom and words from above.
  • Preparations for discipleship groups which will continue after the mission – this is crucial to the long term preservation of the fruit of the mission. Please particularly pray that those who were trained at the Discipleship training session in August, and the refresher courses this month, will remember what they have learnt and have commitment to the discipling process (which as we all know is sometimes not easy!).

Many thanks from all of us here!
Juba Prayer Team

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